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Patient Advocacy


Membership Service


Large and Small Group Lectures
or Seminars



Our membership levels give you a way to take control of your health, whether your needs are large or small.  We will be a regular resource for you and help minimize the stress if an acute event happens.



Balanced Life

For healthy clients who need someone to talk to about health or medication concerns periodically, or if you live far away from your loved one and want a professional to check in on them on a consistent basis.

Up to 1.5 contact hours per month
2 doctor visits per year with you or your loved one



Dynamic Life

This is best for someone who may have 1 or 2 chronic conditions but their health is relatively stable, or someone who needs a little more attention every week.  


Up to 3 contact hours per month
5 doctor visits per year


Care Ambassador

A new diagnosis, recent hospital discharge or worsening chronic conditions brings a lot of stress and unknown. You will need more time with an advocate to help you through these acute phases.

Up to 6 contact hours per month
7 doctor’s appointments per year




When you need help finding the resources continue living at your highest quality of life.  We can help you find the resources to remain living at home, find the right facility for you, or provide significant support for a health problem.

Up to 20 contact hours per month
9 doctor’s appointments per year